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From mini excavators to small tools, we are growing our inventory to help do whatever job you need!

Mini Excavtors

Mini Excavators Rental
2017 Kubota 040-4
Operating Capacity 9833lbs
Max Digging Depth 11.23
Max Digging Reach 7.4 FT


Pricing $350/Day , $1100/Week, $2600/Month
2002 Kubota KX91-3
Operating Capacity 7330lbs
Max Digging Depth 10.5 FT
Max Digging Reach 7.9 FT
Pricing $325/Day , $1050/Week, $2500/Month
Digging Bucket Implement Included in Standard Pricing
Mini Excavators Rental
Mini Excavators Rental
Kubota KX71-3
Operating Capacity 6547.8lbs
Max Digging Depth 9.55 FT
Max Digging Reach 6.86 FT
Pricing $325/Day , $1050/Week, $2500/Month
Digging Bucket Implement Included in Standard Pricing

Need a different machine? Let us know!

We want to know what machine you need and we may even get it for you.

Additonal Info


Provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for your rental. You may use your own company
Opt for the $500 damage deposit

$190 minimum. Delivery and pick-up fees are based on mileage. Call for more information.
Bring your own HEAVY DUTY trailer and transport yourself!
When agreeing to rent our machines, you are liable to clean and fuel them before it is returned. All machines are given to customers in a clean, working and fueled manner. 
Cleaning Fee: $90 FEE + $90/hr to clean
Fueling Fee: $8.50/gal to refuel

If a machine breaks during rental, you are liable for the cost of fixing whatever has broken



1. A rental agreement must be signed prior to pick up or delivery.

2. Rates are based on 8 hours per day, 5 days/40 hours per week, Should equipment be used longer, the overtime rate will prevail.

3. All equipment is delivered with a full tank of fuel. If equipment is returned without a full tank, Lessee will be billed accordingly.

4. Lessee is responsible for daily maintenance, unusual wear and tear, and any tire repairs.

5. Physical Damage and Liability Insurance is required from the Lessee for the equipment against damage, theft, or vandalism. A certificate of insurance is required in order to rent equipment.

6. Lessee will not move equipment to another location without permission from Stop & Go Heavy Duty

7. No equipment listed may be sublet by the Lessee.

8. Lessee will return the equipment in a reasonably clean condition. Lessee will be billed for excessive clean-up at posted shop rates.

9. Lessee is responsible for all transportation charges.

10. Rental charges will continue on equipment until Stop & Go Heavy Duty has been notified that the equipment is ready to be picked up. 

11. No weekend returns. All equipment not returned  or scheduled by 4 pm Friday is subject to an additional two days of rental fees

12. Prices are subject to change without notice.

13. All rentals are subject to availability.

NOTE: State and local permits have additional fees when required.

Use of starting fluid on any of our equipment is strictly prohibited! Lessee will be billed for damage from this use.

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