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Need more information on each machine?
Specifics can be found on the drop-down menu of services!

Our Kubota Mini Excavators come in three sizes. One size may not fit all which is why we are happy to give you a choice. Check out the 'Equipment' section for additional details on each machine.


2017 KX040-4 - 9480 lbs 

2002 KX91-3 - 7110 lbs 

2015 KX71-3 - 6305 lbs

Skyjack for Rent in Southern VT, Western MA and Wester NH

Looking to reach new heights? Our 19ft Skyjack can help you reach! Small enough to fit through doors and can be delivered right to your door. Ready to book? Click the link below!

We've got what you need! From Pressure washers, woodchippers to  trailers, we've got the equipment ready so you can get the job done quickly.

Need a different machine? Let us know!

We want to know what machine you need and we may even get it for you.

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